Clean & Safe Cat Boarding in Sydney's
Northern Beaches

Cats can generally be described as the boss of the house. They know exactly what they want and how they like things to be, and you’ll generally
find out sooner rather than later if you’re not measuring up!

Plenty of space to relax and play

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    At Terrey Hills Cattery & Kennels in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we have the space to take 80 cats at any one time. Every single one will have room to exercise, sleep and play, with lots of fresh air and light surrounding them.

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    Our experienced team members do everything they can to help your cat settle in, and we promise they’ll have a blast. Customers can leave their dogs and cats for as long as they want, depending on their individual needs and requirements.

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    We offer a long-term, medium-term, month-long, overnight, or short-term stay facility. So, if you’re moving house, doing some renovation, going on holiday, or just away for a long weekend, you know your pets are in safe hands!

We understand the behaviour of both cats and dogs and offer a secure, caring and welcoming environment for them here at our boarding centre. We provide nutritionally balanced meals for every pet and welcome any toys your cat might like to bring along.